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Memories with Maxine by Dawn Sena

Maxine Stonehill is a Ventnor / St. Leonards Tract resident and treasure to the community! I had the privilege to sit with her on several occasions recently as she walked this “newbie” down memory lane…

Born in 1927 to Sadie Max and Leon Hoffman, Maxine an only child stills lives in the house she was raised in, at 5901 Winchester Avenue directly adjacent to the Dorset Avenue bridge.

Attending Oxford Avenue elementary school, then Ventnor Avenue School and rounding off her local academic stint at Atlantic City High School, Maxine found herself off to college attending Connecticut College for Women ( presently know as University of Connecticut).
While attending a family wedding during her early college years , just 18 she meets the love of her life, Paul Stonehill. Eager to follow his lead Maxine shifts her education direction with a focused interest in the pharmaceutical arena and joined her love on his journey.

Without approval the couple eloped and the rest is history, truly! Having two children, Maxine and Paul became the proud parents of Lewis and Jane Stonehill. They went on to own Weavers Pharmacy and enjoyed working together for many years while enjoying the community of Ventnor.

Maxine has had an amazing journey both here and abroad during her lifetime and reflects fondly of these memories.

I paused to ask her a few personal questions,

What was her favorite place to travel and of which she would like to return? She responded with a twinkle in her eye, Hong Kong! She proceeded to share her past visits and how beautiful her experiences were, I could tell it was a special memory in her personal journey.

I then asked her a question that had been recently asked of Dr. Ruth Westheimer age 90 , by James Barron of the New York Times,

“What have you learned along the way?

Maxine paused for just a moment and responded, patience…

On that note I’m signing off as I continue to reflect on my time with Maxine, our very own treasure here in St. Leonards Tract. Until we meet again and continue this conversation I am truly grateful to Maxine for sharing herself with me and you too!


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